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The KauSAP Digital Summit 2021

“KauSAP, a community of SAP practitioners and IT thought leaders in the Philippines, recognizes the vital role that SAP and other IT solutions play in an organization's digital adoption. 


With the theme of "Innovating for the Next Normal," KauSAP's Digital Summit or KDS2021 aims to discover and explore new trends and ideas on how cloud computing, hyper-personalization, and improving customer experience can drive better business outcomes.”


  • Pebbles Sy, KauSAP President

KauSAP is Ready to face the next Normal

The pandemic has forced digital transformation upon practically all industries. But long before the pandemic struck, our technology industry has already been experiencing volatile shifts due to the rapid developments in technology that were defining how businesses were conducted. Rising to lead this wave of innovation is KauSAP - an organization of IT visionaries and SAP practitioners who recognize the power and potential of SAP in helping organizations stay relevant.


KauSAP leverages on the collective knowledge and experiences of its members in the use of SAP.  As an independent trusted advisor to SAP, KauSAP is able to influence product roadmaps, business models and support structures.


On November 25, 2021 the KauSAP Digital Summit with the theme “SAP Users Innovation for the Next Normal“ brings all these elements together in a virtual forum.

This conference is meant to be a forum for discovering answers, exploring new ideas, and solving business technology challenges that community of SAP users face in these uncertain times.  It aims to bring together, IT innovators that have successfully harnessed the power of SAP, and SAP users focused on maximizing its untapped potential.


SAP-revised_2 (1).jpg

In this session, Uwe Grigoleit shares his perspective and insights on some of the challenges that businesses are facing now and how SAP can help businesses overcome these challenges to become an intelligent and sustainable enterprise. He will share examples of SAP customers who have gone through this journey as well.


Alibaba Cloud is a trusted partner of SAP, offering the reliability and security that your business requires. The mature service infrastructure and platforms of Alibaba Cloud, when combined with the world-leading applications and Database Management System (DBMS) services of SAP, can help to simplify your overall IT infrastructure and accelerate the digital transformation of your enterprise.


AWS will discuss their company background, SAP on AWS, SAP Customers running on AWS and case studies on the following:


- Ayala Land move to AWS Story & Impact

- Concepcion move to AWS Story & Impact


There will also be a sharing of best practices to leverage running SAP on AWS


With changing times, the top priority of the organization is to be agile in responding to the customer’s ever changing and demanding needs. This has necessitated the required changes in the roles of CXOs to a greater extent. The key to achieve success is to drive the transformation journey cutting across the entire ecosystem of the organization – be it people, processes and platforms i.e. IT backbone. We are going to talk about how TCS has been helping the organizations globally to overcome their internal challenges in their transformation journey and ready themselves in building the foundation for future.

AGS Cloud.jpg

This talk will help you plan and execute your SAP S/4HANA Cloud Migration strategy - what problems to avoid, where and how will you realize the return on investment and the best design that fits your business.


This session will be about the Speed of Innovation –


"What would Digital Transformation in the neXt normal look like" and


"Rethinking SAP Implementations – A fresh look at implementing SAP in the next normal."


Its cloud based solution designed with SAP BTP and SAC and S4 Hana cloud. This can work for both cloud and non cloud options as part of over all eco system. We empower organizations to thrive in a greener world by helping them gain greater control and visibility of their operations, products and suppliers, so they can spot and act on opportunities to make their entire value chain more sustainable. Capgemini uses innovative technology building blocks from SAP to help clients achieve their sustainability ambitions. SAP-based analytic apps and dashboards that provide actionable, client-specific insights. Solutions are tailored to specific industry needs and designed to match outcomes with companies’ specific sustainability ambitions.


The rules for supply chains keep changing—as forces such as customer demand, pricing pressures, and shipping bottlenecks bring nonstop disruption. How can you forge a more flexible and disruption-ready supply chain with SAP Digital intelligent technologies and cloud? We will be talking about the external factors that are making businesses – Reconfigure, Reimagine, , Rethink and Rebuild their supply chains with a focus on their customers. Our talk today will highlight potential business outcomes as well as essential elements of the Kinetic Supply Chain—including a clean core for rapid supply network reconfiguration; digital solutions to sense demand shifts and supply disruptions; cloud technology for building scalable solutions; and an extended ecosystem of capabilities to sustain business value and support innovation.


Automate your Business Performance with SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation


This session will cover the critical aspects of why a SAP customer should start considering an On-Prem Private cloud solution which not only promises the data security, but enhances the transparency of resource usage & the overall platform performances as well.


A comprehensive approach to managing core system functionality for SAP applications Complexities and differences on customer adoption, data models, user experiences, decision-making and business processes emphasize the need for comprehensive SAP managed services. A SAP-certified SAP HANA Cloud and Hosting Partner, NTT provides a solution with greater speed and agility, while reducing risk. NTT provides a comprehensive, yet flexible approach to managing core system functionality for SAP business-critical applications, allowing companies to focus on core business initiatives and customer success. Our SAP HANA certification and managed application services are designed to simplify and secure enterprise applications across your organization.


Enabling next-generation technologies including vSAN, NSX and Kubernetes on a unified platform through validated on-premises and hybrid / multi-cloud architectures based on VMware Cloud Foundation. Gain scalability and agility that allows your organization to more easily deploy and consume SAP solutions


Performance, flexibility and scaling affordability are technological imperatives that need to be present in order for you to be successful in business process re-engineering initiatives. Discover how IBM, SUSE solutions and Best practices will help optimize your SAP Modernization and Innovation projects.


Dell Technologies and Sandz Solutions stand ready to work with IT organizations on the journey to great business outcomes — developing solutions that let you innovate for the experience economy while powering data‑driven processes and SAP Intelligent applications. Modern SAP platforms are central to improving customer experience and driving differentiation, but they require infrastructure that delivers resources with superior performance and automation while also preparing you for cloud . With Dell Technologies solutions for SAP, enhanced by Sandz Solutions’ premium managed services, you can automate delivery and lifecycle of IT resources, maintaining control while eliminating complexity and risk. By beginning with a Dell EMC cloud‑enabling infrastructure, organizations can more easily adopt a cloud operating model across private cloud, public cloud and edge locations. We help you build a data fabric universe that connects information silos and increases visibility into global assets to achieve positive business outcomes with data insights — from edge to core to cloud.

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